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      Today’s to article delves into how we can rank in the search engines for our brand keywords. It looks at the impotance of building citations. Citations are mentions of our business name, address and phone number on other websites and often also provide a link back to our website. For example, if your business is listed on Yelp, Golden Pages or other local directories, these would be our business citations. These citations are good for driving traffic to your website but more importantly they serve as a strong trust element for both Google (to help increase ranking position) and visitors. It strengthens the understanding that your business is real and actually exists at your business address.

      The article touches on the importance of claiming your Google My Business listing and populating it with your relevant information and images about your business. Social profiles are also looked at as a way of further strengthening your boosting your ranking. Well optimised social profiles can do wonders!

      Finally, on-page optimisation for you website is discussed, looking at why it’s so important to optimise your site for your branded keywords.

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