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      Graphic Design – Branding Your Business Tips

      by | Graphic Design

      Graphic design core principles remain pretty constant over time but just like anything else in the world around us there are trends happening. For example, certain colours are more popular this year than last year. Let’s take a look at some of the important factors that should be taken into consideration ahead of any graphic design project.

      Combining Colours

      Creating a high visual impact is the name of the game when it comes to developing your brand. In order to achieve this we need to keep colours, colour variations and colour combinations top of mind. It’s all about blending the right ones together so that we get and keep our viewers (i.e. our potential and existing customers and clients) interested, engaged and entertained. We want the visual impact to be positive and one that quickly registers in people’s minds that will trigger an association with your company’s brand going forward.

      Standing Out In Distinctive Fashion From The Crowd

      When people are exposed to your company logo design and corporate brand image across different platforms such as your website, magazine advertising, posters or even product packaging, they are subconsciously aligning their minds with the feel and look of your brand.

      Whenever we get a flyer posted through our letterbox in our home, we almost always know who the company is at a glance before we even stoop to pick it up. It could be one of your favourite coffee shops, restaurants  or hair salons. The moment we see it, if we have seen it a number of times before, that instant connection with the brand happens in our minds.

      Increasing The Trust Factor

      Brand recognition inherently brings with it attention and with that attention over time will generate a degree of trust. It’s important to not only to keep consistency across all your digital assets (whether it be your website, Facebook page, Twitter profile or Google business page) but throughout all advertising platforms. The number one aim is to keep that brand consistency going, to increase and harness that trust element and build customer loyalty over time. Once you can get to this point, you are starting to win the brand battle!

      The Role of The Graphic Designer

      The graphic designer’s  role is to create attractive designs that people will remember. In order to get it right, the designer needs to have some freedom to design but also needs to liaise with the client so as to align with and incorporate their preferences.

      A good graphic designer generally knows which colours compliment other colours and how to use them in order to attract the targeted demographic audience of a business. However, when it comes to the use of colour to attract customers to your brand, there are simply no hard and fast rules. There are no definitive studies to prove whether people will react positively or negatively to brands using a particular colour versus another one.. Much of the psychology of colour association may depend on the individual’s past experiences.  That said, good use of colour can help your brand stand out from your competitors and can influence people’s decision to buy. When it comes to marketing, we must choose our predominant colour that we feel fits with our business’s personality and nail our colour choice to our mast (so to speak).

      In summary…

      Graphics play a hugely important role in overall marketing strategies and the use of certain colours can influence the consumer and their buying behaviour. It’s quite similar to how music is used every day in marketing. Supermarkets and fashion boutiques can put us in a better buying mode by playing up tempo songs. The graphics you choose to represent your brand will be equally influential.

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