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      Email Marketing Tips – Getting The Most Out Of Your Campaigns

      Email marketing is a very reliable way to reach your customers. It can help you enhance the level of traffic to your website and boost sales. How do you establish a reliable email marketing campaign?

      Exactly what you send to your customers is extremely important. If it isn’t really well created or professional looking the results could actually hinder rather than help your overall email efforts.
      The first part of any email marketing project is identifying your goals….

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      An Introduction to Christie Web Solutions

      Well, the time has come to officially introduce our company, Christie Web Solutions, by way of our very first blog post. For those of you who landed on this blog page through a Google search and haven’t had time to look over the rest of our website, we are a web design and marketing services company based in Wexford. We will be using this blog space to post loads of relevant informative news, advice and articles that we feel will be of benefit to small to medium sized local type businesses with their own marketing efforts…

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