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      Our top article asks the question “How Often Should You ‘Re-Skin’ Your Company’s Website?”. Well, to be honest, most people can spot an out of date website at a glance. Today’s website designs are a lot more minimalist in look. The have a modern feel and look to them. The content is well laid out making the whole user/visitor experience a better one. The last thing people have these days is an abundance of patience. As people, we are living in an era of looking for almost instant gratification when it comes to searching for a product or service online. If the site is slow to load and takes more that three seconds to appear, most likely, around 40% of visitors will give up the ghost and click away. So, if your website is ‘clunky’ with high large resolution images, this alone could slow your site loading speed down considerably and will most likely cause your visitors to ‘vomoose’ at breakneck speed.

      Another surefire way to know the time has come for a fresh website re-skin is if it’s not mobile friendly. The amount of times we see people paying for ads on Google Adwords campaigns and they are sending people who click their ad to a website page that is not responsive on mobile (i.e. NOT MOBILE FRIENDLY) is unreal. They are literally throwing half of their marketing budget spend down the pan. Nobody will go through the pain of pinching and scrolling on their mobile device just to see their great website content or latest greatest product offering. That is for certain!

      But, enough from us on the subject, lets hear what Chuck Coen has to say on the subject. Check out our top article and other stories on ‘The Christie Web Solutions Daily’ today by clicking on the link below…